A Transitional Moment in History

Welcome to The Pivot.

The global order is being torn down. Day after day, an invisible adversary is remaking the social fabric of the world as we know it, and the war to keep its detriments at bay is being prosecuted by leaders who have never faced a crisis of this magnitude.

Right now, the world is engrossed in a struggle against the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and fear is spreading rapidly. The months ahead will be challenging, but through this crucible will emerge inspiring stories of people finding innovative ways to defend themselves and their families, and to help bring this nightmare to an end.

We are journalists who believe that we are living through a formative moment in human history, and that it is our imperative to help you understand how and why. Led by editors on the east and west coasts of the United States, featuring original reporting from around the world, The Pivot will narrate the societal changes that the international community is experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic — in other words, the pivot points that are remaking everything in real time.

So join us, as we share tips from experts for how to brave the crisis, hopeful stories that will inject some light into all the darkness, and incisive analysis of breaking news. After all, you are (hopefully) staying home and avoiding public places — so, what better use of your time, when you're not working or going to school remotely, than to join us in educating yourself about what's going on outside your door?

Thank you for checking out The Pivot. Now, let's ride this out together.

– Alyssa & Reed

Alyssa Morlacci, Managing Editor

Reed Alexander, Managing Editor